For Over 30 Years, We’ve Been Producing Quality CAMS and Machined Products for Production Machinery in the Detroit, MI Area 

We Give Our Customers Only the Best Manufacturing Services and Products

About Us | TechNiCam Manufacturing - image-content-machineEstablished in 1986, TechNiCam Manufacturing has been an industry leader in providing quality cams, machined products for production machinery and contract manufacturing services. Owned and operated by Chris and Greg Meadows and headquartered in Livonia, MI, our team is dedicated to giving our customers only the best service and high-quality products. We focus our efforts on establishing relationships with our customers and serving them based on their specific needs.

We serve the food packaging, automotive, robotics, heavy equipment, military and machine-tool industries. Our industries love that our components are American made because they know where their products are coming from, and who they are coming from. Our highly-trained machinists, combined with a little creativity and our technology, produce the highest quality parts for your machines.

Passionate about endless improvement, we believe in staying educated about all areas of industry, from new technologies to innovative ideas so we can help our customers continuously improve their machines and business. We want all our customers to be 100% satisfied which is why we supersede their expectations every time. 

Three Tips Every Manufacturing Company Should Consider When Hiring a CNC Company

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We Invest in Better Equipment to Manufacture the Best Possible Parts for Our Customers

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At TechNiCam Manufacturing, we are ready to provide you with the high-quality, American made products you deserve. Contact us today at (734) 261-6477 to get started.