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We Keep Detroit, MI Machines Moving with Our High-Quality CNC Machining Services

Providing Precision CNC Machining in the Heart of the Midwest

CNC Services Michigan: Grinding & Machining | TechNiCam Manufacturing - Pics_for_Ad_039When it comes to machining industrial components, precision is literally a matter of life or death. Cars, planes, farm equipment, and other mechanical devices must be carefully put together, with each part fitting closely with the others and holding up to all the pressures of performance.

If a part does not fit properly, machines can fail, putting those operating them at risk. TechNiCam Manufacturing is committed to eliminating these risks through quality CNC turning and milling. Located in Livonia, Michigan, we provide manufacturers with the parts they need to make safe, robust equipment.

We Craft Precision Tools that are Built to Last

TechNiCam Manufacturing relies on the most advanced CNC equipment available. This allows us to produce parts consistent with the most detailed customer specifications. Our machines can easily cut to a tolerance of 0.005 inches, or 0.01 microns, or less, a level of precision unsurpassed in the machining industry. No matter how unique your equipment needs are, we can create the parts to meet them.

In addition to precision, the TechNiCam Manufacturing team also prides itself on durability. All our parts are built to last, providing you with the same level of performance for years. Not only does this improve safety and make your customers more satisfied with their purchases, but it also saves you money. Our parts require replacement far less often, and by improving the overall performance of your systems, they will reduce your general maintenance needs, allowing you to reduce spending on multiple fronts.

CNC Machining, Turning, & Milling from Experienced Engineers

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With more than 30 years of experience in CNC machining, the TechNiCam Manufacturing team has unique insight into the changing nature of manufacturing. Our engineers have seen how technical needs have evolved over the years and know how to anticipate and respond to new technologies, market trends, and other developments. Our team also observes ISO quality standards to the letter, ensuring that your parts are consistent with every applicable regulation.

In our more than three decades of experience, TechNiCam Manufacturing has served a wide array of businesses and industries. Our customers include automotive manufacturers, aerospace engineers, printers, textile producers, bottle filling companies, and metal formation operations. With such a broad base of experience, we have learned to adapt to any change in production needs or expectations. This leaves us well prepared to serve you over the long haul, tailoring our parts to new developments for your business.

How Often Should My CNC Machine Be Inspected?

Your computer numerical control or CNC machine should be inspected on a regularly scheduled basis. This inspection process helps you identify any undetected wear and tear on the machine’s working parts, allowing you to make necessary repairs…

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We Provide First Articles for Inspections

When ordering crucial parts, many businesses want a sample of what the end product will look like before they invest in a full production run. TechNiCam Manufacturing is happy to produce the first article to your specifications. We will wait for you to inspect the article before we start producing in earnest, and if there is any problem with what we make, we will listen to your concerns and change our process accordingly. Our goal is to get your parts right from the beginning so that you can rest assured that we are producing what you need.

For more information on our precision CNC manufacturing services, contact TechNiCam Manufacturing today!