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Since 1986 TechNiCam Manufacturing has been an industry leader, providing the industry with quality machined products for production and contract manufacturing services. Owned and operated by Chris and Greg Meadows and headquartered in Livonia, MI, our team is dedicated to giving our customers only the best service and high-quality products. We focus our efforts on establishing relationships with our customers and serving them based on their specific needs.

We serve the food packaging, automotive, robotics, heavy equipment, military and machine-tool industries. Our industries love that our components are American made because they know where their products are coming from, and who they are coming from. Our highly-trained machinists, combined with a little creativity and our technology, produce the highest quality parts for your machines.

  • Close Tolerance Machining - We manufacture our parts within a small tolerance, and custom to whatever specifications you need.
  • Machine Parts Manufacturing - We create specialized machine parts that are applicable to a wide variety of businesses & industries
  • Customized Parts for Machining - For whatever application you need, we have

Precision & Contract Manufacturing Services for Southeast Michigan Industries

From saving you money and improving your product quality to freeing you to focus on core operations, there's no shortage of benefits to relying on contract manufacturing.

For all the advantages, however, there are risks to giving another company control over your specialized parts. It is essential that you find a contractor you trust before you outsource a crucial part of your production process.

Having been in business for so long, we have worked with a wide range of different industries, including automotive, aerospace, print, and bottle producers. Many of these firms make equipment that can be dangerous if its parts are not machined properly. We have thus learned to master the strictest quality standards, which we now uphold no matter who our customer is.

American-Made Manufacturing Machine Parts from a Proud Michigan CNC Shop

TechNiCam Manufacturing provides a wide selection of parts for all major manufacturing operations. These include cams, spindles, castings, and a range of replacements parts. To ensure the quality of our production, we rely on:

  • Precision CNC - Our CNC devices can shape parts to within 0.005 inches, or 0.01 microns. This is the highest level of precision in the industry and allows us to craft parts for even the most complex processes.
  • Specialized Software - We rely on digitizing software to guide our machining process, making it easy to program and carry out new specifications at a moment's notice.
  • Multiple Materials - Our team has worked with plastics, forgings, exotics, and both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Our products fit ISO quality standards to the letter, in addition to any other applicable regulations. No matter why you need the parts, we guarantee good results.

Close tolerance machining

First Articles with Inspection

As strong as our reputation is for quality contract manufacturing, many businesses are hesitant to trust a third party producer until they have seen what we can make. To let them know exactly what to expect, we provide first articles for any product you might want us to produce. You will have a chance to examine the article in detail, make sure it fits your production needs, and let us know if you find any shortcomings. If there is an issue, we will change our methods to resolve it. By showing you exactly what the end product will look like at the start, we minimize the chance of faulty production, saving your money, effort, and reputation.

When you need the premier Tool and Die Shop serving Southeast Michigan industries, contact TechNiCam today! Competitive pricing on American quality work.